How I Said Goodbye to Clutter-Induced Stress by Hiring Help and Why You Should Too.


Listen up moms of Mankato.

Just because you can do it yourself, doesn’t mean you have to.

I’m talking home organization. When the world around us is utter chaos, nothing feels better than neat and tidy spaces.

This is why you absolutely need and deserve to give yourself permission to hire NULifestyle.

The best decision I made all summer was hiring them to organize my garage.  It had been a huge stressor for me and yet, the thought of tackling the project myself was just too overwhelming. Between a full-time job and a three-year-old, it was just not how I wanted to spend my precious free time. Even if I would have been able to muster up the physical and mental energy, I had no idea where to begin. 

So I ditched the guilt and decided to hire someone else to do it.

I reached out to NULifestyle’s Facebook page and got a quick reply back from the owner, Candice. The next morning she sent me a short list of questions about my goals for the space, my timeline and my budget. Then we set up a time for her to come over to do a free consultation.

With a little bit of shame, I unveiled my garage to Candice. We discussed ideas and visions and I felt my mental health improving just knowing that this mess was being taken off of my hands. 

A few days after she sent me a detailed proposal for the project that included the steps they would take and the approximate number of hours it would take. Since my project included purchasing industrial shelving, she also included a couple different pricing options for me to choose from for this fixed cost.

The best part of working with this company is that they are truly FULL service. The only thing I had to do, since they aren’t mind readers, was to put post-it notes on items I wanted to sell or donate. They took it from there!

From purchasing, delivering and assembling the shelving and storage totes to handling the donating and selling of unwanted items – their goal is truly to make the project effortless for you.

I just need to talk more about this for a second… surely I’m not the only one who cannot be bothered to sell something on Facebook Marketplace?! Every so often, I list something on there and I immediately regret my choice. From all the messages to arranging the pick-up, unless it’s a big-ticket item the process is too much of a hassle for me.

When they left after their first day in my garage, the shelves were set up and all my unwanted items had disappeared! Poof, gone! It was the best feeling ever.

They worked efficiently and independently and a few days later, the project was complete! The transformation was magical. Check out the before and after photos!



The clear, LABELED totes are probably my favorite part. It’s just so over the top in the best way possible. Upon completion, Candice sent me an itemized spreadsheet of the donation items and their value for tax purposes. I would never have taken the time to do that for myself! As far as the items she sold for me, the money she received from them was deducted from my final invoice. I just can’t say enough about how smooth the process was.

I’ve always put people with organized garages up on a pedestal and now I’m one of them! I couldn’t recommend Candice and her team at NuLifestyle more! 

Seriously, mamas, do yourself a favor. Think of that area or space in your house that drives you nuts and let them organize it for you. You deserve a home that allows you to feel relaxed, not stressed! 

You’re welcome. 


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Stephanie is a fitness professional on a mission to undo the damage done by much of her industry when it comes to body image, confidence and self-worth. She enjoys sharing her journey as she sheds the “fit chick” label and embraces authentic living from the inside out! A Mankato native, Stephanie is currently the Director of Healthy Living at the Mankato Family YMCA. She lives with her husband, Nick, and their 18-month old son, Beau. He is the light of their life! She enjoys finally sleeping through the night again, teaching and taking group fitness classes, and sharing her love for Restorative Yoga with all the other tired moms!