I Love the Smell of Homeschool Supplies


Hi, my name is Carla and I homeschool three boys. My oldest is turning 13 this fall so this will be my 8th year of homeschooling. The leaves on my oak trees are already turning and starting to fall, so that means fall is coming and time for more formal learning. (Or there’s something wrong with my trees, I’m not sure we should tell time using trees anyway).

I love buying office and school supplies and it’s time to buy some more! While I’ve been enjoying being a lot lazy this summer, it’s time to get back into the swing of daily school. We will still be visiting some pools before they close though to get all of summer in before it ends. I’ve been gathering supplies at a couple different stores and while we don’t need a lot of new things, I did buy some odds and ends here and there.



Currently our house is in flux, I like to say to excuse the mess around here. We are moving our school room into the big main floor bedroom and out of the small main floor bedroom. Our daily books and supplies, are in the dining room at the moment and it’s so much fun having to put them away for dinner. I should add that to the boys to-do list! Part of the moving flux this year is a new homeschool closet. I look forward to using a somewhat bigger small closet. Old houses are great.



I buy curriculum as needed year round so that’s out of the way before we start up again. We don’t have a need for new crayons, glue, markers or scissors this year. Although, I did buy some new folders because they wear out fast. I give folders to the boys as a to-do pack with their loose sheet work and another one for their finished sheet work. Once I have a pile of finished work I can’t ignore, I punch it and put it into three ring binders by subject, so I buy few new binders every year. I try to pick them up near $2 price point, this year I found binders at Aldi along with new dry erase markers.



From Target, I bought the new folders and composition notebooks. I buy college ruled notebooks because the boys complain when writing spaces are too tall. As a bonus they end up writing more if I tell them to fill up one page. I bought some Command Velcro hangers that work great for posters and maps. Target still had heavy-duty construction paper to refill our craft paper supply. And we had run out of graph paper, it’s super handy for math work, so I grabbed more. Graph paper helps keep your numbers in neat rows when dealing with place value and the nightmare of long division. I checked the boys clearance section for jeans, and grabbed a pack of socks too. (I’m always buying socks, am I the only one that has this problem?) I bought some Post-It notes, I use them for writing down passwords that I’ll forget, so I needed more of them. And because I’m a pencil snob I bought another box of black Ticonderoga pencils, I love them, so goth.



Turns out we needed a new case of printer paper. Printer paper doubles as a craft item, so I buy the stuff that is most likely to jam. At Office Max I grabbed their brand of printer ink that my printer will yell at me for using. The printer knows I have an old golf club somewhere around here so it behaves, somewhat. There was a nice pencil sharpener so bought that too, as they tend to walk off. And my oh-so-handy paper cutter blades are getting dull, so I found new blades for it. (My sister has a guillotine paper cutter, I’m jealous).


Back to school supplies


Once we have the rooms all situated, I’ll purchase some new tempera paint and Prang water colors. Coming in the all too frequent Amazon deliveries will be some heavy card stock for art projects and new paint brushes. So other than a few artsy things we should be all set.

What kind of homeschool supplies do you like to have new every year?