Class of 2021: I Pray You Have All Your “Lasts!”


This school year, seniors are entering into murky, uncharted waters.

The pandemic still hovers like Godzilla, its ugly gnarled foot poised to stomp out all the “lasts”.

Not one of us: students, parents, or teachers, are guaranteed anything. The decisions before us are strange and unwelcome. Schools are all opting for different variations of in-person, hybrid, or distance learning. Sports seasons are altered. Social events are in constant jeopardy.

All of us are holding our breath collectively, craving normalcy

whilst hardly daring to hope for it.

As a parent, it is impossible enough for me to accept the reality that my son is graduating soon. It is like vinegar on my tongue. Enter in all these extra unfathomable variables and it’s almost too much to bear.

As a mom of a senior, I am terrified of what this year will bring. I so desperately want him to experience all his lasts. Last first day of school. Last homecoming. Last winter formal. Last final. Last activity schedule. Last choir concert. Last spirit week. Last senior farewell dance. Last day of school.

I want him to wear his letterman’s jacket and slow dance with his girlfriend and joke with his buddies in the cafeteria. I want him to sit in a classroom and be bored by his teacher’s drone. I want him to deliver devotion in chapel, the seniors’ rite of passage at his school. I want him to say hi to his freshman sister in the hallway. I want him to hear the bell ring and rush to get to class on time. I want him to ride the bus to school and fall asleep on the way there. I want him to sit in the stands and cheer on the Chargers.

I want all that and more for ALL the seniors.

But as we know, wanting is not enough. We have to roll with the punches, no matter how much it hurts or what gets broken by those wild fists. We have to make the best of the situation, knowing that the harsh reality is that they may not get all or any of their “lasts.”

We have to trust that our seniors will make memories, even if they aren’t quite as we envisioned. 

We have to put our hope, not in ourselves, our schools, our government, or anyone else besides the One who has everything in His control. The One who has numbered the hairs on our heads and who called us by name even before we were born. The One who mapped out the plan for our seniors well before 2021. 

See, our seniors are being shaped by these experiences. They are learning how to adapt and persevere in the harshest and most unpredictable circumstances. 

As parents, our job is to support, encourage, and cheer them on,

and ultimately, let them go.

2020 is teaching us all how to be more compassionate, give more grace, be more creative, get more resourceful, and cheer on not just our own kids, but everyone around us. 

So here’s to the Class of 2021! May you take it a day at a time, focus on THIS 24 hours, and be grateful for today. May this year be full of lessons, hardships, memories, challenges, breakthroughs, and laughter.

And God-willing, may you have all your “lasts.”



Your Fellow Mom of a Senior

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