A Tale of Two Pregnancies


As I’m nearing the 30-week mark in my second pregnancy, I can’t help but take a step back and notice the subtle and not so subtle differences between this one and my first. They say all pregnancies are different, but how different could they be? I’m still the same person, same body, same lifestyle… right?

I’m Tired

I’m so tired. All the time. Not “I want to lay down and sleep constantly” tired, but just overall tired. My body and my brain are exhausted. Was I this tired last time? I really don’t remember being this tired last time. But… I am four years older than I was with my first and in my 30’s now. Is that why I’m tired? Or is it because this time I’m also chasing after a 3-year-old? The first time it was just my husband and me. I could sit back and relax (and nap) anytime I wanted to. This time, not so much. On top of being older, my toddler has developed a new fear of the dark and growing pains at night. Hello, sleepless nights again!  Maybe this is God’s not so subtle way of preparing me for the sleepless newborn nights? Who knows, but either way, did I mention I feel tired?

The Pain

What is that pain? Is… is this… heartburn? Is this what heartburn feels like? I never had heartburn with my first pregnancy or ever in my whole life. I think I have heartburn. Now I understand why other pregnant women complain about heartburn. This is no fun at all. Speaking of pain… it’s everywhere. My hips, my back, my tailbone, my stomach. I don’t remember being in pain like this with the first one. It’s everywhere. Is it because I’m older this time? I bet that’s it. They say everything hurts when you get older. We’ll blame it on that.

The Hunger

Snacks? Did someone say snacks? I could totally go for a snack right now, or literally anytime. I’m constantly hungry. My snack drawer at work is fully stocked with a plethora of goodies ranging from plain to sweet, to salty to ensure whatever I’m craving gets satisfied. And after I’m done eating my snack, I usually have another snack. Come to think of it, I’m feeling a little hungry right now. It might be snack time again. Maybe that’s why I failed my one-hour glucose test for gestational diabetes this time. With my first pregnancy, I passed with flying colors. This time, I failed by one number. ONE! Bring on the 3-hour glucose test and 12 hours of fasting. Do you know how hard it is for a hungry, pregnant woman not to eat for that long? Torture I tell you, it’s torture.

Overall,  I really shouldn’t complain. For the most part, I feel good. I’m generally healthy and the baby is also strong and healthy. I have always said with full confidence that I absolutely love being pregnant. I love feeling my baby move and the little perks of being pregnant like having stronger fingernails and a bigger chest. With both pregnancies, I gained a new sense of self-confidence that I love. I think I’m just feeling a little hungry and tired right now.


Does anyone have any snacks?

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Rachel grew up in the small town of LeSueur, about 30 minutes from Mankato. She spent some time living in Mankato while going to school for Accounting and Business Management. After living in LeSueur for a few years, she has since moved back to Mankato with her hubby, James. Rachel and James bought an older home in downtown Mankato where they live with their 18-month-old son, Jameson, and their 3 cats, Nala, Biscuits & Gravy. Rachel works for Ridley Inc., an agricultural feed company also in downtown Mankato as an Accounting Assistant. She is new to blogging and has no idea what she's doing but is very excited for this awesome opportunity to speak her mind and connect with other moms in the area!