Rockin’ SOBER New Year’s Eve!


How on earth do we do New Year’s Eve SOBER?

This was a question I asked myself years ago when I decided to quit drinking and my husband began his own recovery journey from alcoholism.

Our New Year’s tradition prior to this was to go out to the bars for some EPIC drinking that left us fighting, puking, and always fell colossally short of our expectations. Noteworthy additions were the inevitable hangover, more than a few regrets, and trying to piece together the previous night’s debacles. Yes, debacles. As in plural.

We had no idea how to make such a transition: between champagne toasts, glittery New Year’s hats, tequila shots, and fancy party clothes to sitting at home watching the ball drop and feeling like we were missing out. The chasm between the two was unfathomable.


We began small. Our kids were little at the time, so we had our nephews sleepover and the four kids had a spectacular time. We didn’t know it, but we were setting a precedent. What we did by changing this one thing was change the trajectory of our social expectations for the entire year. Instead of using alcohol as a lubricant in our lives and our relationships, we started learning how to be in the world sober, real, and without a crutch. This year marks 10 years of alcohol-free New Years!


It doesn’t matter what your reasons are if you want to spend New Year’s Eve sober and ring in the New Year in a super wholesome and fun way, read on about our long-standing tradition of hosting a…


Kids’ New Year’s Party Extravaganza!

Think party hats, Photobooth props. Loads of sweets. Noise-makers. Games. A lot of exuberance and laughs. With no pesky side effects of headaches or nausea the next day!



The first few parties, when our kids were little, they had their cousins come over. They were allowed to drink as much caffeine and eat as much junk food as they wanted. Some years we also had our own siblings or friends over as well. There was Minute-To-Win-It games and prizes. Watching the ball drop and screams of excitement. Piles of sleeping bags and giggles far into the wee morning hours. Recently my daughter has gotten to have as many friends over as she wanted. They take photos with props and play board games and the house is full of energy.

It is always a dazzling celebration, a drama-free, extraordinary night of love and laughter.

However you spend your New Year’s Eve, I wish you joyful memories and safe travels!

Happy New Year!