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In an earlier post, I came clean about my dislike of pretty much all things messy like slime, play-doh and glitter.   But, since this winter just won’t quit I decided to call in some reinforcements in the ‘indoor entertainment department’.  I asked our fantastic team of contributors here at Mankato Moms Blog their favorite way to keep kids entertained when it’s too cold/snowy/windy/icy {insert Minnesota weather here} to go outside.  

Hang on to your snowboots, mama, we have some ideas for you!

Bring the snow inside!  Big plastic tablecloth on the floor and bring the snow inside! (The first time I brought the snow indoors I just had towels down but then someone told me about the cheap plastic tablecloth…GENIUS) -Stephanie, mom of 1 toddler

Snow in BIG buckets. Playdoh. We love finger painting too! If I am really feeling like an adventurous mom I let the kids play with shaving cream. You can do it in the bathtub too! -Josephine, mom of 2 toddlers

Make an obstacle course with couch cushions, hula hoops, jump rope, play tents and tunnels, laundry baskets, Amazon boxes, etc. -Shannon, mom of 2

Reading aloud. Kids love it.  Have them do some academic things: practice piano, math fact cards/sheets
Baking. Make a favorite family recipe.  Dance parties. We like to turn Alexa speaker up loud and dance. Show them some good 80’s/90’s moves.  Watch a classic. We introduced kids to Swiss Family Robinson.  -Tawnda, mom of 6

Paper airplanes. Give them targets or see who can fly the farthest.  “Snowball” fight with balled-up socks.  Pretend play…set up a mini grocery store, for example.  Theme day…pirates, princesses, beach day, etc follow through with theme meals (pirates eat with their hands, for example. Fish sticks, etc). Talk like pirates all day, Look for theme pages to color, make an eye patch from paper and string (or other craft) read books about pirates and watch pirate movies. Build a “pirate ship” fort.  Play old fashioned card games. (Crazy 8, old maid, Kings around the corner, war, slapjack, spoons) -Angela, mom to teenagers (but obviously still full of fantastic FUN ideas)

Rice bin – fill a plastic tub or brownie pan with dry/uncooked rice. Can drive trucks and cars in, use spoons and kitchen gadgets to scoop and play, little plastic animals or figurines. My boys have been playing in rice bins since they were two and still do!  Cardboard town – take a big, flat piece of cardboard and draw a town, roads, buildings, whatever. Drive cars around on it, use little figurines or Lego figures and play town. Let the kiddos help draw and color their town. We keep ours under the couch or behind a dresser.  Kinetic Sand We keep in a tote bin with a lid. -Rachel, mom of 2 

I like creating easy scavenger hunts!  And frankly, making them clean is pretty awesome. There’s always something they can do. I remember when my son was 2, he thought washing the baseboards was the cat’s meow. -Emily, mom of 2

Building forts, hide and seek, looking for treasures with clues that are given, exercising/dancing.  -Heather, mom of 2

Swimsuits in the tub! -Jennifer, mom of 2

Make homemade ice cream from snow! This idea is from our friends at Colorado Springs Moms Blog.

Are you having fun, yet?!

Admittedly, I’m not the most ‘fun’ parent.  I love to read to my kids and I’ll play toys, build blocks and run around the house.  I’m not big on forts and I have never brought snow inside the house.  However, this list our team compiled has me feeling inspired to conjure up some exciting, new activities the next time Mother Nature wreaks havoc.  (Which, this winter is likely soon).  

How do you keep your kids entertained on snow days?




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