Pros and Cons of having a Halloween Wedding Anniversary


I just sat down to the computer and have no clue if pros will outweigh cons, but spoiler alert I wouldn’t have changed the date of our wedding for the world! We had a beautiful fall day, an awesome ceremony and a super, super fun party — our friends and family still talk about it.

This Halloween will be our 9th wedding anniversary and we will be celebrating by trick or treating with our little StarLord (Guardians of the Galaxy is his current favorite movie) and a Unicorn Princess (and there was no doubt in my mind when we saw the costume hanging there that it was what she would pick!)

Pros of a Halloween Anniversary

Pro 1: Your husband will NEVER forget the date of your anniversary. And if he does? Well, then perhaps he should have it tattooed on his body like mine did.

Pro 2: If you and your husband have always loved to dress up for Halloween but don’t want to be considered “furries” or “cosplay” type people, then you will be set!

Pro 3: Your family, friends and kids will always remember your wedding anniversary. I get more “Happy Anniversary” messages than I do “Happy Birthday’s”.

Pro 4: Finding anniversary gifts that will actually be used will be easy, since you can always buy more Halloween décor and call it an “anniversary gift”.

Cons of a Halloween Anniversary

Con 1: The looks you get when you tell someone that you got married on Halloween. I see that look and immediately start to explain that we aren’t goth or wiccan’s or crazy Halloween people. It was just that my Dad was very sick at the time and we knew we needed to get married pretty quickly so he could walk me down the aisle.  As it turned out, Halloween was the only date available for our first choice of ceremony and reception site, so we jumped at it.  

Con 2: Finding a Halloween Wedding Anniversary card is just not possible.

Con 3: Never having a fancy romantic Anniversary dinner at a restaurant.  Instead you will be running around making final costume alterations, feeding the kids a mummy dog and hitting the streets to trick or treat.

In conclusion, I suppose if we didn’t have kids, then maybe we would make the day more about us. But not only would I not change the fact that we got married on Halloween, but I wouldn’t change how we dedicate the night to making sure the kids have a great time. Because maybe we are just big kids at heart? Or maybe we are crazy Halloween people?

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