Design & Wine Mom’s Night Out :: Recap

This post is written in partnership with Design & Wine, LLC. All opinions are our own.

Last week the temperature finally rose above zero.  The sun was shining and people in the whole state were riding the high of a last second Minnesota Vikings victory. (We will not discuss the outcome of the next game in this space, this is a happy post!)  Our Mankato Moms Blog writing team emerged from hibernation for a much needed Mom’s Night Out at Design & Wine in lower North Mankato.  

Our group opted for a pallet painting workshop, but Design & Wine also offers canvas painting parties.  The first thing that struck me when we started planning the party was the huge selection of choices!  So many beautiful designs.  Inspiring phrases, customized name signs, local landmarks and lots of Minnesota pride.  

Not a ‘crafter’?  Don’t worry!

 The process is fairly simple: You choose your design prior to your workshop.  When you arrive your workshop leader will help you select the right pallet for your design.  They are pre-cut and sanded.  Your instructor will also have the stencil for your design.  Once you’ve removed the inside pieces of your template you stain your pallet.  There is a wide array of stain colors to fit your style.  Now that your board is stained you can take a little snack break while it dries.  When you schedule your workshop make sure you tell your friends to bring a snack to share!  (It’s not a party without snacks!).  

Now, it really gets fun.

It’s time to place your stencil on your pallet and start painting!  I would not call myself an extremely crafty person.  I’ve dabbled in a few Pinterest projects here and there.  What’s great about a workshop at Design & Wine is that the instructors are at your side through every step.  (Make sure you listen to their tips, they are really helpful!)  There’s a huge selection of colors for your project.  

After painting, you remove the remainder of the stencil and do any necessary touch ups (the instructors are great at this!)  While your paint dries walk around and check out your friends’ creations, visit and have some more snacks.  (See a theme here?)  

While we were working on our pallets we all chatted, laughed, exchanged stories and enjoyed one another’s company.  Each of us agreeing that we were so thankful we finally got out to socialize and share time with one another.  You and your girlfriends will have a blast when you book a pallet workshop at Design & Wine!  They also have public Craft & Carry events, check out their full schedule here.

Without further ado, here are our final creations:

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