Meet me at the Farmer’s Market


Meet me at the Farmer’s Market

One of my family’s summer traditions is to hit up the local Mankato Farmer’s Market! We typically attend on Saturday mornings and spend time looking for treasures and treats! Its a complete win-win for everyone. Oh and its free!

  • Mom gets a coffee (locally roasted to perfection) 
  • Josie gets a homemade muffin (and sometimes a treasure of sorts)
  • Dad gets to find some local meat for grilling or smoking
  • Local farmers get to share their hard work and produce!  


A little dirt never hurt

I love knowing that the items at the Farmer’s Market did not have to travel far to get to me. The less hands on the food the better. I try to make health a big priority for my family, especially the food we eat. This is a simple and fun way to eat well, and of course get those greens in. My 2 year old finds a lot of joy by picking out vegetables she likes and carrying them (like a big girl) in our bag. Simple enough and again, a huge win-win. 



Let’s Play Outside

Living in Minnesota, we take advantage of the warmer weather when we can and try to enjoy as much time outside as possible. This is a great way to do just that! Its centrally located, convenient parking, and has great children’s activities every week! These different activities and crafts are free, but tips are appreciated. These are usually posted throughout the week on their facebook page and are a nice way for everyone in the family to enjoy the market. My daughter loves the glitter tattoos. 

Happiness is Homemade

There is no debate from me that locally grown produce tastes better. Its fresh, its colorful, and its flavor is ideal. The baked goodies are another one of our stops along the way. My daughter feels such accomplishment when she gets to look at all the options and choose her own. Its a pretty easy way to let her feel some independence. It also is an opportunity to pat myself on the back as she is actually eating vegetables in the market muffin, hehe! 

Fa La La La Local! 

There are so many great people to meet and so much goodness to be found at the Mankato Farmer’s Market. They are open Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:30pm-6pm and Saturdays 8am-12noon at 1895 Adams Street Mankato, MN. Additional information can be found on their website or Facebook page. North Mankato also offers a Farmer’s Market at 1706 Lee Blvd North Mankato on Monday evenings 3:30p-6:30p, you can learn more about them here.

Here are just a few favorites I frequent:

Herbal Beauty, Skincare inspired by nature

Melissa Kruse,

Made in Wells MN

Skin care pictured is her children and babies line, I love this stuff



Juniper Berries

Handmade in Mankato MN

Becky Rossow,

My daughter picked out a bracelet, 1$ ๐Ÿ™‚


Beans Coffee Company

Locally Roasted Mankato MN

Eric Poppler and Clay Sharkey

I get their iced coffee, black, AND a refill to-go!