Insta-Kato! | 5 Fun Instagrammable Spots in Mankato


Before summer ended, my daughter and I set out to find some super fun spots for Mankato’s best and most Instagram-worthy pics. We did this whole gorgeous photo shoot during the golden hour (the hour before sunset). 

  1. Sibley Park

There were so many options here, but we chose the staircase on the backside of the park, a grassy spot that perfectly showcased the sun going down, and the lily pad fountain near the flower garden.

2. Riverfront Park

Here, I captured my daughter looking at a stunning view of the sun setting over the river. Two other spots were in front of Riverfront Park’s sculptures, and sitting near the amphitheater.

3. Train Depot Floodwater Mural

How absolutely fun are these photos? Posing on a stationary train, leaning against the floodwater mural, and sitting on the tracks. She was a bit upset with me because we noticed a grease stain on her jeans from sitting on the train tracks, but it was all worth it (at least in my opinion)!

4. Silo Mural

I snapped this pic of my daughter on the backside of the silos. The mural by Australian artist Guido van Helten is a must-see! You can get a perfect view of the front of the mural from across Veterans Memorial Bridge.

5. Old Town Murals

There were so many vibrant murals in Old Town that we couldn’t even stop by them all! Just walk downtown Riverfront and take your pick. They are all Instagram-ready!

Grab your daughter or best friend, line up the perfect shot, and have a blast. And don’t forget to post your fun photos on Instagram! 


Photography: Melissa Neeb

Model credit: Kira Neeb


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