National Pancake Day: One Mom’s Attempt at ‘Fancy Pancakes’


You know that meme that says something like ‘I would love to be a Pinterest Mom, but I am more like an Amazon Prime Mom’? Well, if Amazon prime delivered pancake breakfasts, I would be their best customer!

Here’s the background story: we like our Pancake Feed fundraisers, (waffle feeds too, who are we kidding). At the last pancake feed we went to there was an artist at a griddle station making fancy colorful pancakes. Not joking, he is an actual artist, he was one of the flood wall mural painters. He had all these plastic bottles lined up with different color batter. The pancakes were literal works of art. AND the kids gobbled them up!

One day while I was shopping I saw those little plastic bottles he used and I bought one so I could attempt to make “fancy” pancakes. I googled DIY pancake art – omg who knew there was so much talent out there in the world of pancake art! Seriously, just google it. I saw pancakes that looked like lace, or portraits of people’s faces that looked like they could be in an art gallery!

Today I broke out my old childhood cookbook for the pancake recipe my mom always used. I mixed up the batter, loaded some into the squeeze bottle and the rest into a pouring measuring cup. (Add a couple tablespoons of milk to the measuring cup batter, it needs to be a little thinner than the other batter.)  There are tons of youtubes on how to make the designs, so I won’t explain it all here.

I asked my kids what shape they wanted for their fancy pancakes. I was expecting something easy, like a smiley face, or a heart. Nope, I had a request for Boba Fett’s mask and a unicorn. I convinced my son that he needed to think of something else, since I don’t know what Boba Fett’s mask even looks like. He chose a lego brick! Awesome, easy peasy. As you can see from the pics I totally nailed every request!!! 


I had some batter left, so I asked my husband what else I should try to make since I was rocking this fancy pancake gig. He says, “The earth.” There was a lot of laughter and maybe some cuss words under my breath when I realized when you flip the pancake all the continents aren’t where you painstakingly put them.

So to sum it up, while they didn’t look professional or even somewhat like what they were supposed to be, they did taste good. But then I looked over to the sink and saw the mixing bowls, the pans, the dirty dishes, and the squeeze bottle with caked on batter (that might just end up in the garbage) and that’s when I started thinking about an amazon prime breakfast delivery option. Or maybe we just wait for the next Pancake Feed.

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