May the Fourth Be With You :: Crafts for Star Wars Day


Star Wars paper bag puppetsHappy Star Wars Day!  My family are all big Star Wars fans and we have the Halloween costumes and action figures to prove it!  It’s such a great story that adults and kids love, it’s been fun to re-watch the movies with my kids (and have a few light saber fights too!).

In honor of Star Wars Day, here’s a simple craft that you can do to celebrate.  These supplies will make a Yoda and Chewbacca hand puppet.  But, feel free to get creative and make any of your favorite characters!

construction paper and craft supplies

What you need:

Assorted construction paper (green, tan or white, black, and pink)

Google eyes (available at the dollar store or any craft supply store)

Brown lunch bags



Sharpie or black marker

I just free-handed the shapes since they’re pretty simple.

What you do:

Cut out one large oval for Yoda’s head, 2 ears and 2 little hands – all in green construction paper.  For Yoda you’ll also need 2 small pink circles for cheeks and 3 rectangles in tan or white for his collar and robs cuffs.

For Chewbacca: One small black oval for his nose, a black diagonal ‘chest strap’ and 4 white rectangles.

Assemble with glue and allow to dry.  Use the marker to draw ‘fur’.

Enjoy your Star Wars puppet show!  If you create your own fun puppets, share them on Instagram and tag us @GreaterMankatoMom

May the Fourth be with you!