Grilling Made Easy For A Busy Mama!


Growing up, my dad was in charge of the grill and we had delicious grilled food often.  When I got married my husband was not a griller and we only ever grilled when we were camping. We finally found a grill we wanted this spring which meant it was time for me to actually start learning how to grill! Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks that I have learned so far! 

Tin foil pans are the best for grilling veggies. Less mess, less dishes, and delicious food! Our favorite recipe for veggies is olive oil, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and peppers with erasing salt! 

Marinating your meat in salad dressings. This is an easy cost efficient way to switch up how your meats taste! We typically do this with chicken, pork, or shrimp! Vinaigrette dressings are my favorite go-to but our families love when we buy the Olive Garden dressing or buffalo sauce. 

Purchasing a flat top that fits your grill top was also something we invested in when we got our grill; we haven’t done much on it yet but I’m planning on trying fried rice soon; but it has worked well for pizzas if you don’t want them directly on the grill rack; or breakfast type foods; bacon, eggs, hashbrowns. 

I am definitely still learning and am open to all the tips and tricks others have! But the grill was a great investment for us to continue to try new recipes this summer and fall!