Yes, I pole dance. No, I’m not a stripper. Yes, there’s a difference


I typically get one of two reactions when I say that I pole dance or do pole fitness. People are either thoroughly interested and curious about it or they scoff at it since pole dance is almost always associated with stripping. The title of this post basically says it all. I love to pole dance, however, I am not a stripper. I stumbled upon pole fitness classes almost 4 years ago. My cousin and I knew a few people that had started doing it and we thought it looked like fun. We were instantly hooked. 

Warning: pole dancing will cause you to have a new found sense of confidence, strength, and self worth. Dance at your own risk.

Physical Strength
The amount of strength it takes to pole is astounding. And let me tell you, I am not a strong or athletic person. I hate working out and I was the girl in high school using period cramps to get out of gym class. When I started poling I was completely out of shape and had zero muscle strength. That all changed rather quickly. You use muscles you never even thought you had to stay on the pole. I guarantee you WILL be sore even after years of doing it. I leave each class with sore muscles but I love it because I know I’m building strength. 

When I started pole, I had no self confidence. I was newly divorced, out of shape, and wasn’t taking care of myself. I can now proudly say I am confident in myself and my body. I am amazed at what my body is capable of doing and I have a new found sense of self. The pole world is a very positive environment. It’s not about changing the body you have, it’s about using the body you have to its fullest potential. Every class is filled with encouragement not only from the instructor but from the other students as well. 

Yes, pole dancing is associated with stripping and sexuality. Is that a bad thing? What’s wrong with being sexy? You can make pole dancing as sexy or not sexy as you want. After all, you’re doing this because YOU want to. If you want to come to class in sweats, no makeup and unwashed hair, cool! If you want to show more skin and be sexy, do it! Pole dance is about celebrating you and moving your body the way you want to. 

I have met so many amazing, beautiful, and strong women in my pole journey. I have had the opportunity to watch other women dance and showcase their strength in different ways. I consider these women my close friends and some of the greatest people I know. Did you know that there are even pole competitions? People do this competitively! Some of my pole friends are nationally award winning pole dancers! How awesome is that! 

Have I sold you on pole dancing yet? Are you interested in trying out a class? You’re in luck! There are pole classes right here in our community! So go ahead, get signed up. I promise you won’t regret it.

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Aerial Affinity

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Rachel grew up in the small town of LeSueur, about 30 minutes from Mankato. She spent some time living in Mankato while going to school for Accounting and Business Management. After living in LeSueur for a few years, she has since moved back to Mankato with her hubby, James. Rachel and James bought an older home in downtown Mankato where they live with their 18-month-old son, Jameson, and their 3 cats, Nala, Biscuits & Gravy. Rachel works for Ridley Inc., an agricultural feed company also in downtown Mankato as an Accounting Assistant. She is new to blogging and has no idea what she's doing but is very excited for this awesome opportunity to speak her mind and connect with other moms in the area!


  1. This is just beautiful, Rachel! I smiled, laughed, nodded, and got a little misty-eyed all in one sitting. Thanks so much for writing it!

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