More Than Just a Mom


If you love yourself, then show it. If you’re a sexy mama, then act like it. If you you want to feel loved, then start by loving yourself.

Us moms do everything for everyone. We hold it all together, we plan, we schedule, we clean, we cook, we play, we worry, we celebrate, we love. But what do we do for ourselves? What do you do to show yourself love?

Love, passion, and sensuality are all waiting for you. You just have to start being intentional about it and take every little opportunity you can to add some more love into your life. Write your own love story ladies!

All too often, I feel like when women become mothers they slip into this sort of comfort zone of being just a mom. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the chaos of raising a family, and forget that we were actually confident, sexy, strong women long before we became mothers. We slip into this role of what society says a mother should look like and act like, and before you know it we are no longer really ourselves.

I’ve always been a firm believer in self-love and taking care of my needs as a woman – as a person – as an individual – in order to be the best mom I can be! If we don’t take care of ourselves, and don’t love ourselves first, then we can’t truly care for others. This is when we start to slip into those “mom traps” that I mentioned above and we start wearing our husbands t-shirts… with no bra on… in public. And that’s just not good for anyone!

It’s up to us mamas to put the spark back into our relationship – and I’m not talking about your marriage or your relationship with your significant other – I’m talking about your relationship with yourself.

It can be as simple as shaving your legs and slipping into something silky. Sleeping naked in freshly washed sheets. Soaking in a candlelit bath. Wear a sassy bra under your everyday attire. Tell yourself a little mantra about how confident and sexy you are. Nobody will know but you. And that’s the magic of it. All of these little moments of love are just for YOU.

Notice the taste, smells, fabrics, and activities that make you feel sexy and invigorated, and then do more of those things. Incorporate little things into your busy mom-duty-filled days to just spark a little moment of love within yourself! Go confidently about your day, proud of the woman that you are, be yourself, and love yourself!


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Growing up in a family of 5 girls, Rachel had never pictured herself as a “Boy Mom”, but now that she is one, she loves it! Her oldest son, Paul is almost 8, and he loves reading, writing stories, Legos, and Tae Kwon Do! William is 4, and he is into sports, Batman, trucks, and is obsessed with donuts! Rachel met her husband, Chris, when they were in 9th and 10th grade at Mankato West High School, and they’ve been together ever since! After High School they lived in Minneapolis for 7 years, but always knew that they would move back to this great community when they were ready to start their family! Rachel works for a local non-profit focused on solving youth hunger, which is something she is very passionate about! She is also an Interior Designer, and works part time at a local clothing boutique! She loves volunteering at her son’s school, and is also the President of the PTA! Some things that keep Rachel happy & sane are early morning fitness classes at the Y, running, a glass of wine with friends or family, shopping, coffee, and getaways with her hubby.


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