Support all women need – Female 411


A year ago I was gifted a bra fitting and bra by my sister. A new world of support was opened to me. We went to SOL Lingerie in Denver, Colorado. I was offered a mimosa and given a spacious dressing room with printed affirmations and friendly lighting. There are other stores I have researched that offer similar expertise that I share at the end. I am sharing my personal experience at SOL.

I was asked a few questions by my fitting expert and she lifted on my current bra straps to check fit.  She asked about my preferred styles and activity level. Then, without a dreaded measuring tape, she brought me 3-4 bras to try on. They were a cup size I hadn’t said or worn before and, I kid you not, I had never felt so good in a bra. I’m a chesty girl so bras are practical, not enjoyable. My fitter gave me a peaceful and magical experience with bra fitting that I had not thought existed. She gave me some privacy to put on a bra, but once on she coached me with how to properly put on and wear a bra. I have worn a bra for over 20 years, but I learned something new. Maybe you can too.

Female 411: After securing the straps and buckling the bra on, lean over and scoop your breasts into each cup. It should rest in the cup instead of feeling restrained. I do this now with each bra, underwire or not, and sports bras. It has made a big difference in my comfort. 

You can shop where you wish, but I encourage you to give yourself at least one proper bra fitting. Going someplace that offers sizes beyond A-D is a good indicator that it has expert fittings and more to offer. Nordstroms, Soma, and Allure Intimate Apparel were all recommended with quality fittings, similar to my experience at SOL. I am also about to try ThirdLove with having heard some of my friends LOVE it and some disappointed. 

This experience got me thinking, what other female care things have I not known the tricks to? I don’t think I’ve been doing anything wrong or unintelligent, but if there is an easier or better way to take care of this female body, I’m up for the lesson. I have a few other topics coming your way, but comment if there is anything you’d liked covered specifically! Not only does this research and writing count as self-care, but it helps me raise my daughter with information and confidence about her body at an early age! Join me on the journey!



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