The Sisterhood of No More Mom Jeans

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This is the tale of two moms, a pair of jeans and the styling session that changed everything.

Me:  I think I will be returning those black jeans I bought when we were shopping a couple weeks ago. I think I will exchange them for some more mom-y like jeans.

Fashionable friend (FF): WHAT? I bought the same black jeans that night and have worn them 20 times! I am wearing them today!

Me: (seeing said fashionable friend at Aldi later that day): You weren’t kidding! You look like a rock star in those jeans!

Fashionable friend (FF): Umm, so can you!

And so began the quest of fashionable friend to stop me from exchanging those cool jeans. I call it,

“The Sisterhood of No More Mom Jeans”.

A couple days after the above text conversation took place, FF called me to ask if I would be interested in joining her in being styled by the lovely ladies at Gallery 512 Boutique. Um YES!! I have been friends with the owners of Gallery 512 for years. I admire them so much for chasing their dreams of owning a boutique AND their spot on fashion sense, so I knew we would be in great hands.

I am a Stay At Home Mom and my wardrobe consists of what I call my Mom Uniform, which is jeans, long sleeve shirt and a vest. I rarely need to dress up, but when I do, I get flustered and try on every single thing I own. Then I leave them in a heap on the floor and run to TJ Maxx and buy something (almost always on clearance) for that specific event. So my closet is full of one time worn dressier outfits and my mom uniform.

FF is a working mom with an awesomely fun job! So her wardrobe is much more “fashion” (as my 4 year old would say) than mine, because she goes to meetings, events, concerts, celebrity meet and greets, etc. Needless to say, (I might be just a tiny bit jealous) her wardrobe is pretty hip and can go from day to night when needed.  

I have never had a styling session. Who knew it would be so much FUN!! We had a ball! The ladies at 512 talked to us about our goals for the session, they really wanted to understand what we were looking for. My main goal was to update my mom uniform and to be able to add/change it slightly for happy hours or holiday events. I also admitted my fear of the cool black jeans and they and FF made it their mission to find me an outfit to pair with the jeans so I could understand their rock-star-ness. 

[easy-image-collage id=2511]

For my casual look: a cozy vest layered over plaid ; slouchy hat perfect for stylish and quick look.
To dress it up: layer the vest over a blouse or a dressy top and add a statement necklace.

FF’s goal for the styling session was to find a way to take her work wardrobe and dress it down (or comfy it up) for nights/weekends at home. {We’ll hear more from her later}.  In a way we were almost opposite in our goals for the session, but the 512 gals had zero trouble stocking our dressing rooms with amazing outfits.

As you can see in the pics they achieved our goals, and in the process they taught us both about a fashion formula that we can now use when purchasing clothes in the future.  It was nice to know that I wasn’t too far off the formula with my mom uniform. I was just always missing the accent pieces and accessories. AND the cool black jeans! They will now be a staple in my wardrobe. Please do not judge me if you see me at Aldi and I am wearing them AGAIN. 

Hey, I guess they are calling me ‘Fashionable Friend’ now?  Sweet, Jennifer makes me out to be MUCH cooler than I actually am.  I do love fashion {I joke with my husband that collecting clothes is my hobby} but I love my yoga pants just as much as the next mom.

Talking to Jess and Danielle at Gallery 512 about our goals was the perfect place to start our styling session. 

Like Jennifer said, I work a full time job outside the home so I have a lot of business casual and event-appropriate attire.  I really wanted to find an easy way to dress down my wardrobe.  I found that I was either way dressed up or in 10 year old sweatpants.  There was no middle ground. 


[easy-image-collage id=2517]

For my casual look:  Pair a jacket with closet staple tee and a scarf; frayed hem denim accented by black booties.
Dress it up: layer with dressy blouse or top and pair with black denim.

Using the fashion formula and the expertise of the stylists at Gallery 512 we put together two outfits that are chic and classic and can be easily dressed down for running errands and hanging out with my family on the weekends.

Do you have closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear?  Go see the talented women at Gallery 512 on Riverfront Drive in Mankato or on Minnesota Street in New Ulm.  Ask them about the ‘fashion formula’ and get ready for a very stylish holiday season and new year.  


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