I Feel so Fancy, Here’s How You Can Too! {Sponsored Post}

Written in partnership with Heat Blowdry Bar and Wax Studio

Have you ever sat down on the couch a Friday or Saturday night and fired up the old book of faces and realized that you might the ONLY person in Mankato not getting coiffed, polished and decked out in a Rent the Runway gown? That you might be the ONLY one not attending Raw Fusion/Fire & Ice Ball/Dancing with the Mankato Stars/Educare Foundation Benefit/Etc./Etc?

The Waffle and/or Pancake Feed fundraisers I attend are definitely not Rent the Runway gown approved. The syrup and crazy kid ratio is just too high. And the danger of plastic silverware ending in a fancy up do are too great.

So imagine my excitement when I won (and I never win anything, seriously, I won Sesame Street Live tickets when I was 8 and that might be the last thing I won) a complimentary blow out from Heat Blowdry Bar and Wax Studio! Our Mankato Mom Blog contributors group was having a photo shoot and there was a drawing for a couple blowouts and I won!!

Now I had two big dilemmas – first off, the appointment and the photo shoot was 2 days out and I couldn’t find a sitter for my two munchkins. So I bit the bullet and called Heat and asked if it would be okay to bring my kids along, at least until my hubby could get them after work. They were awesome about it and said absolutely bring them. The kids ended up hardly watching the ipad I brought along. They were too busy coloring on a fun dry erase board and eating biscotti.

Second dilemma, what blowout to get!!?? The Spark? The Sizzler? The Smokeshow? The Spicy? So many choices. They have an awesome little look book to flip through as your stylist gets you a glass of wine/water/coffee/tea (I went with the water since the kiddos were with me.) I ended up choosing the Sizzler, because I love the look of beachy curls but have zero ability to use a curling iron.

Talk about relaxing, I literally almost fell asleep while during the wash/condition and scalp massage. They use the yummiest smelling Kevin Murphy hair products. Then we went back to her chair and she blew out my hair and transformed my everyday mom look into something worthy of a Ball (or a pancake feed) or a photo shoot!

So whatever your occasion (family pictures, fancy fundraiser, birthday, errands day, bachelorette party, Girls Night Out, laundry day, Friday night Netflix binge, etc.) I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of a blowout at Heat Blowdry Bar and Wax Studio.

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Jennifer Rath grew up in a tower with long, magical hair and a pet chameleon. Scratch that. Jennifer traded her mermaid tail for legs in exchange for her voice. Sorry about that, one too many movies lately. Jennifer Rath is a stay at home mom of two little crazies; boy 7.5, girl 4 (going on 14.) Her husband is full time with the Minnesota National Guard (Go Red Bulls!) Jennifer worked for a large travel marketing firm in Minneapolis for 15 years before moving to Mankato 8 years ago. She prided herself on being able to pack for a 3 week work trip to Kenya or Peru or China in one small suitcase, but now fills the car to the roof for an overnight in Park Rapids. But she wouldn’t change a thing. Even if you offered her magical hair or a mermaid tail.