Jennifer Rath grew up in a tower with long, magical hair and a pet chameleon. Scratch that. Jennifer traded her mermaid tail for legs in exchange for her voice. Sorry about that, one too many movies lately. Jennifer Rath is a stay at home mom of two little crazies; boy 7.5, girl 4 (going on 14.) Her husband is full time with the Minnesota National Guard (Go Red Bulls!) Jennifer worked for a large travel marketing firm in Minneapolis for 15 years before moving to Mankato 8 years ago. She prided herself on being able to pack for a 3 week work trip to Kenya or Peru or China in one small suitcase, but now fills the car to the roof for an overnight in Park Rapids. But she wouldn’t change a thing. Even if you offered her magical hair or a mermaid tail.

The Sisterhood of No More Mom Jeans

This is the tale of two moms, a pair of jeans and the styling session that changed everything. Me:  I think I will be returning those black jeans I bought when we were shopping a...

Grateful Giving :: Teaching Kids About Gratitude

I have always felt that poor Thanksgiving is the most overlooked holiday of the year. It almost seems like stores go straight from 4th of July to Christmas, skipping over one of my favorite...

Pros and Cons of having a Halloween Wedding Anniversary

I just sat down to the computer and have no clue if pros will outweigh cons, but spoiler alert I wouldn’t have changed the date of our wedding for the world! We had a...

National Pancake Day: One Mom’s Attempt at ‘Fancy Pancakes’

You know that meme that says something like 'I would love to be a Pinterest Mom, but I am more like an Amazon Prime Mom'? Well, if Amazon prime delivered pancake breakfasts, I would...

What to Do (and What Not to Do) When Your Friend’s Child has Cancer

Each day in the U.S. 42 families receive a cancer diagnosis for their child or teen. Each day 42 Mom’s and Dad’s take on a whole new level of parenting, parenting a sick child. September...

I Feel so Fancy, Here’s How You Can Too! {Sponsored Post}

Have you ever sat down on the couch a Friday or Saturday night and fired up the old book of faces and realized that you might the ONLY person in Mankato not getting coiffed,...