Emily Heinis

Emily is a former communication teacher and speech coach. She earned her BST and MA in Communication Studies, both from MSU, Mankato. When her first child was born (Olivia, now 9), she took an extended maternity leave that turned resignation. When her second child (Nathan, 6) started kindergarten, she returned to work to teach Oula Dance Fitness at the Y and serve her church as their Congregational Services Coordinator. In her spare time, Emily enjoys drinking wine in the bathtub, painting and writing lovely things, and trying not to swear in front of her kids.

What Do You Want to Pass On to Your Kids?

The question was asked in my favorite Facebook parenting group (yes, I’m in several; yes, there are ones good enough to deem “favorite”): What skills do you want to pass on to your kids? It...

Unpopular Opinion: Motherhood is Not a Job

I didn’t plan on being a stay-at-home-parent.  Teaching was my passion and I loved my career.  Even while pregnant, I was certain I was staying employed.  I even attended training for a new initiative...

Fur Babies and Human Babies: Best Practices

I brought my first baby home on a cold December afternoon in 2005. We had rushed into the decision, having only just moved in together, but we were ready. His sweet, brown eyes and...

An Ode to In-laws

Last week I had an awesome date with one of my sisters-in-law. We dined, we drank, we brought culture into our lives (we drank some more while we listened to a hilarious and sweary...

National Night Out: Befriend Your Neighbors

This morning as my kids and I started off on a walk, I noticed our new neighbors hadn’t brought their garbage and recycling to the curb. Overflowing after their move, the cans were heavy...

An Awful Rite of Passage

You have a baby. The baby is perfect. She is small and innocent and your heart may burst you love her so much. You vow to never, ever let anything bad happen to this...

A Simple Post to Help You Compost

Before I had kids, I did all kinds of things I am no longer able (or willing) to do. Life B.K. (before kids) involved more time and more money.  Luxurious indulgences like monthly pedicures...

The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Parenting

Should I stay in bed another fifteen minutes and risk rushing them out the door? What if Thing Two throws a fit over getting dressed? What if Thing One wants to make her own...