Ashley Hanley


I’m So Embarassed

I figured we could all use a little laugh, right? Even if it is at my expense. So earlier this week I had my most embarrassing on-air moment. I work on the radio reporting news. I...

Reflections On the Year of the Pandemic

Many of us will look back on the last year with a sense of fear, uncertainty, loss, sadness, and frustration. I remember exactly where I was when the pandemic hit Minnesota. I was at work...

Remembering My Mom

It all begins and ends with family. You see, my mom was taken from us far too soon and in such a cruel and unexpected way. Let me tell you about her. My mom, Michele...

The Holidays Aren’t Cancelled

If you're like a lot of Mankato area residents, you may have felt a sense of disappointment or even anger when you heard the Kiwanis Holiday Lights display would be canceled for 2020. Believe me....

Do Mommies Toot? Not My Mommy

As a "boy mom", I knew my life would be filled with poop jokes, smelly clothes, and of course, everyone's favorite: loud bouts of flatulence. But little did I know that MY toots (or lack...