I’m So Embarassed


I figured we could all use a little laugh, right? Even if it is at my expense.

So earlier this week I had my most embarrassing on-air moment. I work on the radio reporting news.

I was calling in live for a news update but it was happening right before my son, John’s class so he was in the van with me.

I had the phone on hands-free to stay safe.

I also tell John he has to be quiet. Yep, I’m sure you can see where this one is headed.

As we are wrapping up the report, John John yells from the back: mommy I have to poop. Brutal honesty…announcing to the whole world that he’s gotta go number two.

So what should I do?   Think fast. Maybe no one heard it.

Then he says it two more times. Each time getting louder. OK, the listeners definitely heard it.

Think fast, mommy, you’re live on the radio. Never mind that thousands of people just heard your kid say he has to poop.

Do I ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen? Or do I acknowledge it and just say, ok John John one more minute, mommy’s working. Let me tell you, I was mortified.

I laugh and say well that’s multi-tasking…..being a mom and working. I hope the listeners bought it. Or at least I hope they understood that things happen….especially on live radio.

And let’s be honest, we could all use a little laughter. And who doesn’t laugh anytime someone mentions poop? Ok, maybe just me. And just to be clear, we made it to the toilet in time (so yes, it could’ve been worse).

But my reason for sharing this, besides of course laughing at my honest toddler, is that sometimes we as mamas need to cut ourselves some slack and not take everything so seriously.   Yes, reporting news is serious business, and yes, it was probably unprofessional and most definitely risky to basically give a three-year-old an open microphone with no filter. But guess what, when the job calls, I was ready to report and I got John John to class on time. What would the cool kids say? #winning.

I know I’m not the best at multitasking or diffusing the situation or getting my kids to listen. However, I hope that when they someday look back at their time in my care, they will say that she did her best. That she always looked out for her kids and loved them no matter who they are or no matter what they say.

And maybe when I look back on all the times I felt stressed or worried that I was being a good mom, all those worries will have melted away as I look into my boys’ eyes and know that no matter what I do, they will always love me. No greater joy could ever be found.

And oh John John, I can’t wait until you’re older or share this story!