Mankato Moms Blog is a rapidly growing community of moms in the Greater Mankato area. We are a collaborative blog written and read by local moms. We are passionate about engaging with our readers offline through our exciting local events that connect moms to each other and great businesses.

Mom Bloggers are more influential than ever. Mankato Moms Blog is a great way to get useful information into the hands of moms active in our community. We offer creative and affordable ways to promote relevant information to our readers in ways such as sponsored posts, image ads, event sponsorships, and more!

We love telling our readers about upcoming family events, great local businesses to support, and anything that might make their parenting lives richer. Our readers to look to us for recommendations, reviews, and announcements on what’s going on in our community. We love being their go-to resource for all their parenting needs!

Please send all inquiries and requests for our Media Kit to [email protected] or fill out the form below.

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